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Here Are Those TV Converter Box Coupons

April 1, 2008 · 12 Comments

Convertimage_4Yes, I’ve got a widescreen flat panel TV at home. And, of course, it has a digital tuner. But what about that old TV at the cabin? And the circa 1990 RCA I loaned to a co-worker that eventually  might come back?

Come Feb. 17, 2009, those old TVs will be useless without a digital converter. That’s when the last of the analog TV signals will cease.

Fearing an old-fogey backlash, Congress created a program to subsidize the purchase of converters for those who absolutely must hang on to their analog TVs. A few months ago, I applied for the coupon. And here’s what you get. Spiffy credit-card-like coupons for $40 each.

At Best Buy, the Insignia brand converter goes for $60, so it will cost you around $20 to salvage your old TV.


The sheet with the coupon cards includes a helpful list of nearby retailers — except, oops, notice the first one is Best Buy on Grand Avenue in St. Paul. That’s the defunct Eq-life store, part of the chain that Best Buy once owned and later spun off. Oh well, good enough for government work, I suppose.

If you want to apply for  the coupon, visit

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