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Things You Find In An Old House

January 31, 2009 · 1 Comment


I just got around to fixing some pocket doors, those big old heavy wooden doors that separate the dining room and living room in Victorian houses. I found this old ad in the dusty area of one of the pockets.

It’s on card stock, so maybe it came in the mail or got handed out somewhere. Who knows how old it is. When did suits cost $25? A quick Google search reveals that the Menter Clothing Company was a Midwest chain.

Here’s the back. It’s interesting to see that the ad gimmicks of yesteryear (fake check that you “cash” when you buy something at the store) are still common today. And it’s effective … when I peered into the pocket with a flashlight, all I could make out was “Pay to the order of.” I had visions of finding a long-lost cashier’s check for $1,000.


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