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The Etiquette of Ditching

November 22, 2009 · Leave a Comment


While out walking the dog, I salvaged a tiny tidbit of aviation history. Someone had put cardboard boxes of old books and folders out by the street. An old airline pamphlet caught my eye … and I soon discovered a folder of information that American Airlines obviously handed out to passengers on transatlantic flights. From the style of the drawings and the airplane, it looks like the material is from the 1950s.

I especially like the "Etiquette of Ditching" handout. Sure looks like fun to crash land a commercial airliner into the water!



All the talk about getting wi-fi on flights these days … and here they already had "radiograms" back in the day.


All in all, a good score on Hague Avenue in St. Paul. (Kicking myself over a book of Keats poetry that I left behind … It was gone when I went back hours later.)



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