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Joe Mauer shows some (acting) range in latest TV commercial

March 1, 2010 · Leave a Comment

Hey, look, it’s Joe Mauer showing that he’s getting better at commercials.

Here’s his new spot for MLB 10: The Show, the video game that features Mauer on the cover.

See? Mauer is actually funny in this ad. Using inflection will do that for you. Good for Joe. He’s hitting his stride at the right time. He’s becoming a household name. He’s on the verge of signing a huge contract. And with a certain golfer having imploded, some advertisers may be looking for a new squeaky clean hero to hawk their wares.

The notoriously low-key baseball star has done some real dud ads in his time. Here’s an example of the flat delivery that made some of his earlier commercial painful to watch.

And just in case you were wondering about that beach picture from the MLB 10 ad, here’s a screen grab. Is that Joe … or a stunt double?


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